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Rex Burke

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Orphan Planet ticked all the boxes for me, and I needed the sequel yesterday. If you like feelgood, character-led books set in space, buying this should be a no-brainer.

Shazzie @ Reader at Work, Fantasy Book Critic

This book is character-driven … the characters realistic, their dialogue believable … filled with snarky, irreverent humour and silliness

Sue Bavey, bookblogger at Sue’s Musings

Launch date – 18 April, 2023

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Space crew wanted – GSOH essential

It’s 2003. Humanity is bound for the stars on a one-way mission to a distant planet.

They’ve figured out the hard stuff – hyperdrive, cryo-sleep, how to make muffins in space. They’ve found a captain, and are hiring crew.

High intelligence, capable of learning, and sense of humour, essential.

Being human, not so much.

‘Odyssey Earth’
  • Orphan Planet (Book 1) – April 2023
  • Twin Landing (Book 2) – July 2023
  • Star Bound (Book 3) – November 2023
  • eBook and paperback, or read for free on Kindle Unlimited
Looking for?
  • SciFi with heart & soul
  • Feelgood space adventures
  • Likeable, relatable characters
  • Jokes, emotions, narky teenagers, satisfying story arcs
What they say

‘I really like this – it’s a bit Douglas Adams, bit Ben Eltonish’

Red Dwarf meets The 100

‘I love the humour – you laugh and then cry at the next page’

Orphan Planet

With Earth in crisis, humans are travelling deep into space. But humanity’s future just took a wrong turn.

It was bad enough that they pulled Jordan Booth out of hypersleep early. Then things got worse – they put him in charge of six ship-born teenagers.

Withering put-downs, opinions about everything, assertive musical taste – those, Jordan can cope with.

But after an unexpected change of course, things are about to get real for the first time. Trust Jordan, listen and learn, and they might all just make it.

Then again, they’re teenagers. That’s never going to work.

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About Rex

Rex Burke is a SciFi writer based in North Yorkshire, UK.

When he was young, he read every one of those yellow-jacketed Victor Gollancz hardbacks in his local library. That feeling of out-of-this-world amazement never left him – and keeps him company as he writes his own SciFi adventures.

When he’s not writing, he travels – one way or another, he’ll get to the stars, even if it’s just as stardust when his own story is done.

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